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Our Staff Are Licensed Designers, Constructors, And Installers Of Septic Systems. We Have The Ability To Design Unique Systems That Will Work With Virtually Any Building Or Lot Configuration Including Residential, Commercial And Industrial. We Also Have The Ability To Obtain Ministry Of Environment Approval For Large Scale Systems Which Exceed The Building Code Maximum Flow Rates.

Our Services:


Experts in the operation and maintenance of septic systems. If you are experiencing problems with sewer/plumbing backups, odours, leakage around the bed or pump system failures, we can investigate the cause of the problem and recommend the most suitable and cost effective solution.

Our Services Include:


Regular maintenance of septic systems is important to ensure trouble free operation. We can perform regular inspections, pump out septic tanks, clean tank filters, maintain pump and dispersion systems and maintain treatment systems.

Upgrades to Existing Systems

We can bring your existing system up to date and prolong its life through the installation of an effluent filter on the septic tank. These filters stop clogging of the pipes from occurring and can extend the life of the bed indefinitely.


We are certified designers and installers of septic bed systems. If your current system requires replacement, we can provide a design to best suit your land area and budget. Abandoned septic systems can be removed and replaced with clean soil to permit whatever land use you require.

Working with builders & contractors for over 10 years

Inspect your septic tank before buying or selling

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